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Happy Year of the Goat

Wishing all of you a happy and healthy Year of the Goat! A friend from Vietnam sent me the outlook for people born in the Year of the Dragon, especially edition 1964 (me). Work: no good. Health: no good. Love: no good. Looking for a place to hide. Just for a year. ‘Cos after, the...

Lonely Planet pt 2: they are children's books

And while at the subject of Lonely Planet guides: they are children’s books. Travel is about the unknown and the unexpected, travel is about discovering. But those ‘travel’guides tell you where to go, what to see there, how to get there. You know exactly what awaits you....

Lonely Planet pt 1: they don't get the essence of TRAVEL

Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, the small southwestern part of Holland along the Belgian border where I was born and grew up, is done away with by Lonely Planet as an irrelevant region of farmland and chemical plants. Now this is not true. There are some interesting old buildings in the towns of Hulst,...
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